Mitt Come Back Home to Civil Liberties

Mitt Romney: Come Back Home to Civil Liberties

This week the ACLU Liberty Watch 2012 campaign positioned billboard trucks outside Romney’s homes in Belmont, MA, La Jolla, CA, Wolfeboro, NH as well as Washington DC, urging Romney to return to his pro-civil liberty roots. The ad is also on a stationary billboard near Logan Airport, on Romney’s route home to and from downtown Boston. 

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In past elections, Romney was aligned with the ACLU on three core issues: LGBT equality, reproductive freedom and a fair immigration policy.  See our white paper on Romney’s former alignment with ACLU positions.
It’s time for Mitt Romney to come back home to civil liberties:

The view Mitt Romney has from his car on the trip home from Boston's Logan Airport

Romney New Hampshire Home

Romney San Diego Home

Belmont, Massachusetts Home

Romney Campaign Headquarters, Boston, MA


Stay tuned for all photos and news: #MittComeHome